Our products are made with


Natural and Biodegradable Packaging

We are constantly working to reduce our environmental impact, incorporating the use of biodegradable packaging.

We also enable the option of selling in bulk and filling liquid products in containers.


Mountain spring water

All our products are made with PURE WATER from the mountains of

San Luis de Monteverde.


Clean energies

Our commitment is to do things right. For this reason, we implement the use of clean and renewable energies in our process.


Handmade process

Our processes are handmade and natural. For this reason, all our products will have an extra added value, which your skin and hair will appreciate.


Vegetable fats

All our products are made with fats of vegetable origin.

*Some products contain locally produced beeswax and honey.


Made in Costa Rica

We are a 100% Costa Rican capital company.

Committed to supporting small national and local producers, which is why they are our main suppliers of raw materials.

Our products are free of


Chemical preservatives

All our products are made with natural ingredients. And we do not use chemical preservatives, which can affect your health.


Synthetic fragrances or dyes

The essential oils that we incorporate into our products are natural extracts. And the various colors originate from their ingredients, we do not incorporate synthetic fragrances or dyes.


Artificial additives

100% natural products.


Cruelty free and animal testing

We are against animal testing. We do not test on animals and we do not use fats of animal origin.

Our policies


Environmental Policy

Cosméticos Naturales Monteverde undertakes to guide its production and marketing activities of natural products for personal care: Respecting the environment, preventing pollution and complying with current national environmental legislation, while continuously improving the management and environmental performance of the company, through the promotion and dissemination of sustainability principles.